Made to Sleeve No.4

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'Made to Sleeve' by

Here have your very own tattoo made totally unique with 'Made to Sleeve'.

If you like this design simply order it and the money you pay goes to the
downloadable / printable version in which you receive after checkout is complete.

'A download link will be provided to you once checkout is complete.'

This purchase also offers you:
- (1 time) Graphic Design edit from original images foundation and structure

*(1 time) means simply one image edit and submission per order.

To obtain your (1 time) edit option simply after checkout contact Tattoobooker via Facebook.

To contact Tattoobooker - Click Here

IF you wish to have your very own tattoo design designed from ground zero up simply - Click Here


ALL Graphic Design for 'Made to Sleeve, Mindsett and Tattoobooker' is done by DOG'S BALLS SIGNAGE.
If you require Graphic Design, Tshirt, Sticker or Signage Printing..., Talk to The Balls in The Game! - DOG'S BALLS!

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