Welcome to Tattoobooker's TBpay.

'Making your ability to Pay an Easy Way!'

..., and never fear a 'BAD credit score' because here you pay when you can NOT contracted to do so.....!


- Simply Add this option to cart and pay your first $220 towards your Day Deal and this will
confirm your date and time.

- The next (2) payments of $220 you do here manually prior to your appointment.
unlike other payment companies e.g. 'afterpay' we do not access your funds and have no
time frame on how you pay..., 'it is all upto you!'

- The 4th and last payment you do is on the day of your appointment once tattoo/s are completed.

- This means on the Day of your Tattoo you have paid your full amount of $880 which includes GST.

- For more info on what you receive in a Day Deal - Click Here


- By reading the above you are aware of how this system works.

NOW, just add to cart the TBpay option then once completed checkout contact Mindsett Tattoo
via Facebook or Instagram to organize a date to suit you

- A date will be organized and then it is upto you to make your manual payments here on Tattoobooker's
TBpay option.

- Tattoobooker.com will send you email notifications to remind you of your requirement to pay but this
is just a reminder as there is no action needed. 'pay as you can'

- Lastly, just wait for your day to arrive and be excited knowing you are in credit for your tattoo day.

- All (3) payments are to be done prior to appointment leaving just the last payment (4th payment) on the day of procedure.
- There is a NO CANCELLATION policy and if cannot attend then your day must be rebooked to a later date.

- IF you book in an 'Early Bird Deal' this will only require (3) TBpay payments instead of (4) as it is $220 cheaper.

'Making your ability to Pay an Easy Way!'



There is No refund on Cancellations and if you re-book it will incur an additional $60 deposit each rebook. why?

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