Here is a simple method you can follow into getting a price
/ quote via text message from your tattooist efficiently.

Step 1. Contact your Tattooist

Step 2. Send through the pic of what you are thinking of getting.


NOTE: If it is a busy picture with distractions within it just draw a circle around the design to single it out like shown in next example


'This will help not confuse your tattooist thinking do you want a picture or wise quote 'let action speak' like image shows also.'

Step 3.
Now, send through a picture of where it is going on your body also drawing a circle on the area of your body trying to make it clear for your tattooist to see the size and placement you are thinking of.


Step 4.
Mention (cm's) centimetres wide or high to get an EXACT price.

Step 5.
That's it and if price / quote from tattooist suits you simply go ahead and book in when you are ready.


If receiving tattoo from MINDSETT TATTOO send photos to this link provided - CLICK HERE

All the best in your upcoming Tattoo Journey,
Kind regards,