Ever wondered why your tattooist has so many tattoo's...? well..., everytime you cancel...., her/she has time on their 'sleeves!'

Hello Customer!

Here on Tattoobooker.com read why there is No Refund on Cancellations:

1. The tattooist has based his/her entire day around you and this means when you do not show up the tattooist have not just missed out on work but you have also
put a hold on the chance someone else having the spot.

2. Some studios may of had to hire someone for the day to therefore be able to accomodate you.
'Just because you cancel does not mean studios cannot provide work for the satff member hired as some studios will not just simply tell the staff to go home because you cancel but instead,
allow them some hours of work and this is what the 'Deposit' is for.'

3. The deposit also includes the time spent in deriving the booking e.g. facebook inboxes, text messaging, price quoting, artwork generated, stencilling, etc...,
This all takes up your tattooists time and most, if not all are happy to do so but when you cancel it puts all effort into the bin.
'So..., Your deposit adds to this cost aswel if cancel.'

4. Some studios may have setup all needles, tubes, machine/s, seating, benches, wrapping, etc prior to you arriving to ensure a not rushed but effecient tattoo procedure and
if you do not show..., time spent and product used are all wasted.
'This also adds to the cost of the deposit.'

So..., all above are just a small scale into some of the main reasons why your tattooist has so many tattoos...., remeber he/she was looking forward to giving you their best...,
But when you cancel that passion/effort goes either to themself or their work mate.

Remember..., That Smell of a Tattoo Studio only exist because you show up....!

So please put youself in the tattooist gloves and realise why there is no refund on cancellations.

Thank you,