1. The Ink is Comming Out!

A common question especially for people getting their 1st tattoo is:

'The Tattoo ink is Coming out..., what do I do'

Answer: No..., it is not...., it's just showing you that it is near healed and like a sunburn the dead skin is
just flaking off.
There is no need to use aftercare cream anymore when at this stage and let the body take care of itself
and soon enough you will have your new addition ready to show its true self...,
Kind of like the Butterfly..., your tattoo is just going through it's cocoon stage.

2. Scabbing of a Tattoo

At this stage of a tattoo do not use aftercare cream anymore.
You will only soften the scab to then create a trench like scab which will
leave some scaring once fully healed.
However..., not all tattoos will have this happen.
Usually it can be from over working a tattoo when doing the detail in a tattoo procedure
or stretching of the tattoo if its located in areas where natural bodily movements occur while it's trying to heal.
E.g. Body Joints, etc.

The best way to void this is:

The Tattooist:
Try not to spend to much time in one spot/area of a tattoo.
Breaking up a tattoo procedure into separate dates is a good way to void this.
E.g. Outline and shade one day...., Colour another or whatever suits you.

The Customer:
Rest the area of the tattoo as much as you can.
Void over creaming as your body will look after itself.., Morning and Night is more then enough
for after care creams and for a max of 2weeks.

Note: If none of the information above agrees with you or your condition/s the best person to ask questions to is your GP/Doctor.

The Clean Choice, The Safe Choice, The Only Choice.