"Some tattoos are BIG..., they also require more time to complete and RUSH is the worst kind of ink to use."

Here I kOrey offer a DAY DEAL where on any available Monday or Tuesday you can book in a 9am QLD time spot and sit in
the chair from 9am to 4pm *(unless job is completed earlier).
This Consists of a mid way break of up to 30mins and then continuation til 4pm *(unless job is completed earlier).
Price will cost you the booking in fee of $60 then $500 after job complete.


You require a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday you will require to book in the 9am and 1pm QLD time spot/s which will cost
you an extra $60 which takes both spots off site enabling you to have studio to yourself that day chosen.

NOTE: Every tattoo procedure incurs GST effective of (01-07-2018) - This cost is ontop of price mentioned = (ATO Enforced).

To select date/s and times to obtain your day deal - CLICK HERE <<<

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