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- The Day Deal is a Kick Off Start time of 9:30am until 5:30pm (QLD time)
- There is no limitation, so if you want to do a sleeve you are able to book as many spots as you wish.
- There is a NO CANCELLATION policy and if cannot attend then your day must be rebooked to a later date.
- If want to split the day with another person it will cost $100 more and there is a 'Split it' link you can add
to your cart below to allow this to occur.

NOW, to make your order simply book in this spot and see you in the Studio soon enough,

Kind Regards Always,


There is No refund on Cancellations and if you re-book it will incur an additional $60 deposit each rebook. why?

Parental Consent Tattoo's

Here where kOrey works at Mindsett Tattoo Studio he is located in NSW, Tweed Heads Australia.

In NSW it is legal for a Young Adult aged no less than 16 to have a Tattoo Procedure carried out.

To read more on what is required for Parental Consent Tattoos - Click Here

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