NOTE: NSW and all other states can book this option/offer in below also

Dear Qld'ers!!!
It is a sad situation that there is such laws at present which do not allow you to attend Mindsett Tattoo
due to the Covid-19 restrictions as 'TATTOO/TATTOOING is not classed as 'essential'.
'..., pffft!..., even though we clean and Detol, glove and mask by second nature!!!'


I would like to thank you for your patience in the wait and do bear in mind anyone who was previously booked in over the
AUGUST & SEPTEMBER dates has NOT lost out and if anything you have GAINED more by offering a 'BONUS' and this is Mindsett Tattoo/s Thank you
For sticking by us while we wait for everyone to be back to '
some kind of FREE' again!!


Dear Qld'ers whom were booked in August & September please select any of the dates below which are in NOVEMBER/DECEMBER using coupon code: rebookmemate
here what happens is by selecting one of these you are LOCKING in NOVEMBER & DECEMBER..., How this works:

If you select 3rd of NOVEMBER but the Covid restrictions are still in place with border control, etc instantly you become locked in for the 3rd of DECEMBER.

IF -

Covid restrictions are still in place with border control we will discuss matters when we get to them but by right
the Covid Monkeys a.k.a 'Government' should be happy with most having their Vaccine come November especially December
being it's Christmas.



Anyone whom books these dates below receive a 'FREE TATT' tattoo of own choosing that consumes 30 minutes or less.

So..., on the day we do the Tattoo you originally want to get and now you can have an extra one FREE!

This is Mindsett Tattoo's thanks of course but also our way of showing respect to you for sticking by us in this 'unusual' time.


If you are wanting to do a Day Deal simply book in the 11am, 2:30pm & Day Deal It options into checkout and use coupon code: daydeal

This will take off the $120 so you only pay 50% of the Day Deal which is $375 upfront and the remaining 50% which is $375 on the day plus

To best understand how to do this simply watch this video - Click Here

NOW..., Go Book in!!!

Stickers Printed by DOG's BALLS SIGNAGE Mindsett No. Matter. What.