Get in first and Save
Here is the 'Early Bird Sale' which is created as the store is fully booked out (JANUARY & FEBRUARY).
As a result you can save by locking in the next dates available in (MARCH).
So..., first in first serve at a cheaper price as this deal only lasts for 2weeks each new month added!!!

What you receive:
The DAY DEAL which Costs $520 + GST of $52 = $572 for a reduced price of $500 ((( INCLUDING GST )))


NOTE: in checkout use COUPON CODE: fifty50
*This way you pay half as your deposit and the remaining half on the day.

- The Day Deal is a Kick Off Start time of 9:30am until 3:30pm (QLD time)
- There is no limitation, so if you want to do a sleeve you are able to book as many spots as you wish.
- There is a NO CANCELLATION policy and if cannot attend then your day must be rebooked to a later date.
- If want to split the day with another person it will cost $100 more and there is a 'Split it' link you can add
to your cart below to allow this to occur.

NOW, to make your order simply book in a spot available from below and see you in the Studio soon enough,

SALE RETURNS - (1st February 2021)

Kind Regards Always,

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